Racism. Diversity. Cultural challenges. Gender awareness.

Tackling these deeply emotive topics can be overwhelming. Thinkative offers a series of collaborative workshops that guide participants through difficult issues in a non-aggressive environment.

Our mission?

To create opportunities for people to develop their understanding of complex concepts through interactive activities, dialogue and collaboration.

We believe:

●     Cognitive and meta-cognitive abilities are vital for problem solving
●     Philosophical reasoning fuels creativity, collaboration, and decision making
●     Critical literacy skills are required to thoughtfully navigate the daily bombardment of information with empowered, independent thinking
●     Critical thinking gives us the tools to evaluate and objectively analyse issues and form independent judgements

During Thinkative workshops, participants will explore and develop: 

●     Collaboration
●     Effective communication
●     Creative solution finding
●     Information & media literacy
●     Critical, flexible, independent thinking
●     Social skills

We customise the workshops according to your needs, sharing innovative tools that can be used in multiple contexts.

By the end of the course, you will: 

●     Be aware of how to strengthen your arguments and reasoning
●     Begin to solve problems more effectively, both independently and in groups
●     Feel confident in the importance of your voice, which you will have practiced expressing through thoughtful engagement
●     Have engaged in facilitated discussions that enabled everyone to contribute their ideas, develop communication skills and listen with care and consideration

After the course you will be aware of how to foster an environment that develops problem-solving skills and collaborative, critical thinking.

Let’s have a transformative conversation.


  • Training and Teaching
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Philosophy for Children
  • Thinking Moves (Self reflection and Metacognition)



  • Staff Development sessions (90 min -3 hours)
  • Whole morning training
  • Full Day Training
  • Small Group training (e.g. one department, only management etc.)
  • Parent Talks (keynote and workshops)
  • Face-to-face and online training. 


  • Consulting 
  • Small-group training
  • Large-group corporate training events
  • Once off activation workshops
  • Short courses (sustained implementation)
  • Tiered training (management-down and staff-up)
  • Keynote talks
  • Workshops


Do you have a group of people who perform a specific task (e.g. nurses or police) or have a common interest (e.g. parents) or simply a group that wants to develop their critical thinking and argumentation skills? 

  • Keynote address
  • Workshops
  • Community of Enquiry

Contact us for an initial consultation and we will supply a quote.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices vary depending on your needs and specific requirements, as well as numbers of attendees.  We can work from one-on-one training sessions to groups of a couple of hundred.  It all depends what you need.