Thinkative will design a critical and creative thinking workshop, seminar, keynote and/or a  philosophical enquiry, to your specifications and to suit your needs, using skills that have been developed with almost 100 years of combined teaching experience.

We offer workshops to schools, universities, business and parents incorporating and focussing on: 

A Foundation Course in Philosophical Teaching and Learning – including Philosophy for Children (P4C) and Thinking Moves, with permission from DialogueWorks



1 Day workshop on Thinking Moves – A to Z, through DialogueWorks

Critical and Creative thinking and reasoning workshops, focussing on how to develop better questions and metacognitive practice. 

Developing and running communities of enquiry in all places where people come together and would benefit from dealing with challenging concepts (e.g. racism, xenophobia; sexism; gender issues etc.)

Parent and Child Workshops on reading to encourage dialogue.

Termly Thinkative Network Meetings (these are free and are open to anyone interested in developing their thinking and reasoning using a combination of tools from P4C to critical thinking. 

Outreach  – getting thinking into all schools. (Should you be interested in supporting this initiative, there is an option to make a donation which will be used to support schools with limited means for training of teachers and/or students.)



Further Details

Thinkative is an innovative and timely addition to the thinking world.  Although we (being teachers) initially focussed our attention in the field of education, it quickly became apparent to us that the need for developing critical and creative thinking practice in all walks of life is so essential, that we broadened our focus to include working in various areas.

In a world rife with ‘fake news’ and manipulative computer bots bombarding us with malicious and biased information, it is essential that we become aware of the power of the message, the ability to put ourselves in the position of the critic (so that we can critique, rather than only criticise) and to develop the skills to do with, with ease. 

The skills are transferable, scalable, and adaptable to fit any situation and walk of life. Because they are not dependent on the content, but rather deal with conceptual topics, they are just as relevant to children as they are to adults. They are useful in to individuals as well as businesses.  They are powerful for those who are just beginning their learning journey and those with PhDs. No matter your field of expertise, no matter your experience, the tools that we have learnt and developed will develop your thinking, open you up to the possibilities and complexities that might be lurking in plain site, and make you aware of your own thinking (metacognition) and how you are dealing with it (self-reflection) so that you can use it to your, and others’, benefit.



We can develop critical thinking workshops that are relevant to your phase of teaching, and can even give pointers in terms of how to approach your subject/s in a way that ‘opens them up’ to the concepts, rather than being bound by the content of the curriculum. 

We also provide training in Philosophy for Children (P4C), including the newly launched Thinking Moves.

We are the first practitioners to be able to offer this amazing set of metacognitive tools (which all people use at various times, but are often unaware of) in South Africa.


We can give demonstration lessons with your students, where they are engaged in a critical thinking exercise or philosophical enquiry, with the staff observing.  This gives students the skills, whilst showing teachers how it is done.

From pre-primary to matric (and even at university postgraduate level) the skills are essential for real learning and conceptual development.  Students will be taught some of the neuroscience about their brains, which gives them a window in how their brains work and how to utilise this to their advantage.


In the modern world of business, it has become obvious that many people lack the requisite skills for critical and creative thinking, despite having numerous qualifications in their areas of expertise and despite these skills becoming more and more essential in a world that is undergoing the fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). 

We will assist your staff (and all levels, in all fields) to understand how to think consciously, and to be aware of what opportunities arise when they make mistakes, make assumptions and even when they are developing innovative solutions to problems. We will share how to get your diverse teams to work collaboratively, creatively, caringly and critically to find solutions.


We offer parent and child workshops, where you attend together, to show you how to use reading to develop critical thinking from a young age.  Many parents struggle to make reading, together with asking and answering questions, an important part of the day. It can seem overwhelming and you may feel that it has little benefit, or that you are not doing it ‘right’.  We will show you easy and effective tools that can be used with multiple books (and movies, advertisements, TV shows, songs and in fact any message your child is exposed to) at all ages (right up to young adults), so that you can encourage your child to think deeply about many topics.

Have a look at some of the research on reading with children: